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Bare Arms, Delinquents, Wayfarer's, and Guitars (Fans,Lexie)

It's leavin time again
I'm headed out with all my friends
It's a roll of the dice
I've never thought twice
About the way I've been spending my time
Trying my guts out for every dime

Strands of long blond hair blew against her cheek, a gentle California wind, making the hot noon sun a little less harsh after the air-conditioned bus. Her bare arms ached to be free from the over-sized denim shirt she had thrown on over the white tank top she wore, just before grabbing her guitar and duffel bag and throwing each over a separate shoulder and stepping off the bus.
At least one of the girls was already in the hotel and chasing them all down like bunch of little children was starting to seem like an exercise in futility. The part of Faith that still wasn't completely sure she didn't hate all three of her cousins for being wellsomething she had wanted and expected to be, was encouraging her to go straight up to her room and let them all fend for themselves, including finding passage to the shows and everything else some of them seemed so anxious to be able to do. ~Then when another one decides to steal something, the hotel can call Rick Tyler and he can deal with the little delinquents.~
Shaking her head, Faith sighed and pulled the pair of Wayfarer's she'd had since first hearing Don Henley sing about them in Boys of Summer out of her pocket. Slipping them over her Hanson blue eyes, she looked toward the sun momentarily. Hearing Henley's voice and the words of the song in her head, as she often did, Faith closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, feeling the summer all around her before walking toward the hotel.
Lexie was still on the bus with the others and she wanted to make sure the desk knew to let her know immediately if any of the keys were not picked up by one of the fans.
Pushing through the doors into the opulent lobby, Faith looked down at her tattered cowboy boots and faded blue jeans then up at the disapproving eyes of the many well-dressed and perfectly groomed older patrons. Their business suits pressed and creased, each pin stripe an example of straightness. Smiling at them, she kept walking, thinking how thankful she was to not be one of them. ~I'd starve playing coffeehouses and back door bars, before I'd turn myself into one of them.~

Working in an office building tall
Don't know who's next to you at all
But being out here
The blood, the guts, the beer
Is a test
Only time will tell
It brings you close, man
Closer than hell

Stopping at the desk, she looked around again, then smiled at the manager who was more than accommodating to one Miss Faith Hanson and couldn't say enough good things about her cousins. Taking one of the keys to room 1700, Faith gave the desk her instructions and made sure a call was made to each girl's room within the next hour to be certain they all knew not to leave the hotel until a group head count had been done, turning then she walked past the fountain to the first wall of elevators, allowing the bellhop to carry her bag, but keep the guitar slung securely across her back.

We're leaving, leaving again
Can't recall where all we been
I guess we'll just go
Go till we're too old
Or we run out of road
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